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The Logic of Hudson Developers [Nov. 2nd, 2011|01:38 pm]
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I was recently disturbed to see the Hudson project claim that a plugin was released specifically to support both Jenkins and Hudson (find it here):

New SiteMonitor Plugin v0.4 - now https supports any cert - great plugin supported by owner for #hudsonci and #jenkinsci thanks @cliffano

However, I am quite familiar with this plugin. I recently saw it released with changes that brought it past the pre-1.396 requiredCore version to a Jenkins-only 1.434 version; this 1.396 is a magic release number because any plugin inheriting before that is specifically Jenkins/Hudson compatible. Anything after that, all bets are off.

So I headed over to the ghost town that is #eclipse-hudson IRC channel to find out what was going on here. What I learned from one of the core developers, Stuart McCulloch, is mind boggling. Here is the unedited conversation:

12:39:17      jieryn : http://j.mp/tSL3i2 -- can i get a link to the hudson 0.4 version?
13:04:12     mcculls : jieryn: you can find it at
13:09:54      jieryn : ok, i just unpacked it and it depends on
13:18:28      jieryn : mcculls: see above - is there no hudson version then? seemed like
                       from the tweet that there was a dual-deploy or something, because
                       v0.4 doesn't support hudson
13:19:10     mcculls : jieryn: basic testing locally shows it is compatible with hudson
13:19:58      jieryn : well, the tweet said that the owner supported it for hudson and
                       jenkins, that clearly isn't the case
13:20:34     mcculls : are you sure? did the owner specifically say they aren't
                       supporting it for hudson?
13:21:07      jieryn : the requiredCore was changed from a hudson/jenkins neutral thing
                       to a jenkins thing - you don't interpret that to be dropping
                       formal support for hudson?
13:22:45      jieryn : mcculls: seriously, how do you interpret that? it seems pretty
                       clear to me
13:23:53     mcculls : jieryn: I'd prefer to hear from the author to be honest - ie.
                       did they mean to declare it's incompatible (since it actually
                       is compatible - I have it installed locally)
13:24:59      jieryn : saying that it is supported by the author for both, when the
                       author actually moved to a non-neutral parent plugin, is just
                       plain bogus; sure, it *might* still work on hudson, but it
                       clearly isn't intended to be supported there
13:25:27      jieryn : the author did state that he intended not to support it for
                       hudson, btw, let me find the mail message to the hudson
                       mailing list
13:26:46      jieryn : http://jenkins.361315.n4.nabble.com/Hudson-Dev-Re-Please-remove-me-as-component-lead-in-JIRA-tc3309218.html
13:27:29     mcculls : that's not quite the same as declaring incompatibility...
13:27:49      jieryn : LOL - ok, good day

So, you decide folks. I think this is bullshit and should be trumpeted as such.